20 years of experience in the marine industry, working with marine engine lubricants, and marine lubricant optimization in particular, lead to the development of the Lubetimizer. The Lubetimizer is developed to make efficient partial replacements and optimize main engine lubricant consumption control.

Lubetimizer is a system to create automated partial lubricant replacements of medium speed engines running on heavy fuel oils. Automated lubricant replacement, based on fuel sulphur % and engine load, create a balanced lubricant quality and better lubricant consumption control, resulting in overall lubricant savings.

Lubetimizer enables you to control your partial lubricant replacement, top-up your engine lubricant consumption, and stabilize the lubricants quality. It tackles TBN depletion, and or viscosity increase due to fuel contamination. Guaranteeing a constant lubricant quality and minimum lubricant consumption despite a frequent changing engine room crew.

TBN stabilization

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Lubetimizer is reducing the overall lubricant consumption of a vessel, and thus reducing the overall used lubricant flow in your company, contributing to a better environment. To acknowledge the positive effect of the Lubetimizer on the environment the Dutch government awarded it with the addition of the Lubetimizer to its MIA & VAMIL tax regulations. For vessels sailing under Dutch flag this results in a tax reduction of 27% on the amount of the total investment, and a flexible write off up to 75% of the investment.

About us

Lubetimizer B.V. Is a Dutch engineering company with over 20 years of experience of lubrication in the shipping industry, we supply and develop lubrication solutions, and can help you solving your lubrication issues, by means of advice or development and production of specific lubrication equipment.

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