Lubetimizer unit

Automated Solution

Lubetimizer B.V. developed a unit, the “Lubetimizer”, enabling you to easily control your partial replacements automatically by introducing very small lubricant replacements (used lubricant drain, and fresh lubricant filling) on a hourly basis.

The amount of the partial replacement for optimizing the TBN equilibrium is depending on the fuel Sulphur % and engine power, therefore the Lubetimizer’s PLC is controlled by a fuel Sulphur dependent HMI setting and the engine load. The HMI setting is shown on a HMI setting table for Sulphur % ranging from 0,5% – 3,5%, and adjusted via a HMI setting with + or – buttons. In auto HMI modus there is a selection of low sulphur fuel 0,1%, and a partial replacement selection in ltr/24h to tackle viscosity increase by fuel contamination. Additionally the engine consumption can be automatically added, resulting in a stabilized engine sump level, and easy engine consumption monitoring. The drain and feed volumes and running hours are stored for your lubricant consumption reporting.

Working principle of the Lubetimizer

The Lubetimizer controls the engines lubricant consumption based on the fuel Sulphur % and the engine power to stabilize the lubricant TBN at a level of 24. Every hour the Lubetimizer calculates the lubricant consumption needed for proper TBN stabilization according the parameters set in the unit. The flow diagram below shows the working principle.

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