Lubetimizer installation

The Lubetimizer is compiled of 3 separate units, the control, drain & feed unit, offering maximum flexibility to find the optimum installation in your engine room. The control unit is controlling the air driven pumps from the drain and feed unit, which pump used- and fresh lubricant through a robust volumetric measurement unit, reporting the pumped volume back to the control unit’s plc. Installation of the unit is straight forward and can be executed by the vessels crew, or we can arrange the installation for you.

The Lubetimizer control unit can be installed in the control room, whereas the pump units can be installed in the purifier room for easy connection to the lubricant purifier feed line and the dirty oil tank, or to the fuel purifier feed line, depending on your wishes. The fresh lubricant unit can be connected to the lubricant purifier return line, and is completely separated from the used lubricant unit to avoid any possible mixture. For the operation of the Lubetimizer only a 230V AC or 24V AC/DC (at customers request) power, and an air connection of 6-8 bar is needed.

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